Industrial Fuel Filter Water Separator Parts


  • Clearflow Filtration Systems has been providing high-quality filtration systems for marine, industrial, agricultural, and recreational use since 2005. In collaboration with various marine and industrial service organizations, we're proud to announce the development and release of our newest accessory: a fuel water separator mounting bracket kit. Ideal for your outboard fuel water separator, our water separators  are compact, versatile, and fully configurable.
  • Gas Fuel Filter

    The CFS-IL15 filter is one of the most versatile and durable inline fuel filters available in the market today. This 15-micron inline gas fuel filter is ideal for providing filtration for pressure washing systems, lawn care machines, and outboard marine systems, just to name a few. Unlike most disposable ¼” fuel filters, the CFS-IL15 has specially designed barb fittings on each end that secure the fuel lines onto the fitting shaft. This barb feature ensures that the attached line cannot be accidentally pulled off during use. The 1/4" (quarter inch) fuel filter has a clear polycarbonate housing, which makes it easy to view the filter element and determine when it is time to replace the filter. The CFS-IL15 is 4” in overall length, which makes it ideal for very compact installation areas. The CFS-IL15 also has a “raised” arrow on the outside of the filter housing, which indicates the flow direction of the fuel through the filter. This flow indication eliminates any filter orientation mistakes during installation. If you have any questions about the utilization or functions of this ¼” inline fuel filter, please feel free to give our team at Clear Flow Filtration Systems a phone call or email, and we will promptly provide our feedback. Looking for an outboard fuel water separator or a diesel fuel water separator? We have those too! Interested in saving costs? Available in 4-packs and 6-packs for discounts! Product image is a conceptual view


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