The sealing components in the Fuel Filter Water Separator will erode and become brittle over time and this will cause your fuel water separator to leak or fail. This is especially true in coastal marine or dry, low humidity environments. Our Gasket and O-ring Replacement Kit is ideal for extending the life of your 10 micron fuel water separator filter. The gasket is a 90 durometer hard rubber material, and the O-ring is produced from durable Buna plastics. If your filter is leaking around the fuel input cap or from the area where the drain bowl connects to the filter housing, it is time to replace these seals. Refer to our Fuel Filter Installation Instruction sheets for a detailed explanation on how to perform the replacement of these materials.

Applications: Replacement soft seals for CFS 1015, CFS 1020, CFS 1030, and CFS 1040 filters

Specifications: Hard rubber gasket and Buna O-Ring