The CFS 1040 Gas Fuel Water Separator Element is rated at 40 gph and utilizes a 10 micron H & V Coalescer filter media. This element filters out 99% of contaminants (e.g., silica, sand, rust, varnishes, and water) from the fuel before these materials reach the critical internal components of your engine. After 400 hours of use, the filter element on your Spin-on Fuel Water Separator will need to be replaced.  The filter element is designed to be a consumable component, easy to remove and install, so that replacing the entire filter assembly is not necessary. This Spin-on Fuel Filter Water Separator is ideal for a primary or secondary filtration and water separation system, and is most commonly used in light industrial, marine, and pressure washer systems. The universal cap threading (M18 x 1.5) makes it interchangeable with many related products such as Racor, Napa, and Wix filters.

Applications: Replacement Element for CFS 1040, and refer to Direct Replacement for a listing of equivalent OEM products

Specifications: Threads M18 x 1.5, height 3.875”